Womens E-Patterns

Downloadable Patterns

After your purchase, you will be able to instantly download a zip file with the pattern files inside.   Your download links will expire after 30 days.  Download your files and save them onto your computer.

Do not download your zip file onto your cell phone or tablet.  You files will not unzip or be able to be read properly.   Please download onto a computer, either desktop or laptop. 

Once your file is downloaded, select "unzip" or "extract all", and select a location to save your new files to.  Once extracted, you will be able to print or read the individual files.

The files will include:

1. Instructions in pdf format, that you can print at home.

2. The pattern sheet in pdf format, that you can print at home on 8.5x11 or A4 size paper.  The pages will require assembly to create the full size pattern sheet.

3. The pattern sheet in large format pdf, that you can have printed by a professional printer, like Kinkos.

4. Limit one download per purchase.