Pattern Corrections

Below is a listing of pattern corrections:



There is a pattern piece mislabled.  On pattern sheet 2, piece 11 is labeled as "Cuff"", but in the instructions, this piece is refered to as "Leg Band".    Future printings of this pattern will have the pattern sheet piece corrected to say "Leg Band"



TV402, TV405, TV430

I found a different error on the sizes charts for several patterns.  At some point in April/May 2018, my computer chose to round some of the measurements off to the nearest whole number for the Adjusted Front and Adjusted Back.  These numbers should be listed to 2 decimal places.  The new patterns, and some patterns that were edited since that time have this error  This effects E-patterns as well.

Hopefully, I have found all the corrupted files.  If you find any other patterns with this error, please let me know and I will add them to this list.

You can download corrected versions of the instructions below.

TV402 Corrected Instructions

TV405 Corrected Instructions

TV430 Corrected Instructions



TV490, TV494, TV495, TV496, TV498

The sizing chart for the updated CAD versions of these patterns is not correct.  While the sizing listed on the patterns was consistent with itself, and seemed to work fine, the Adjusted Back and Adjusted Front measurments were not accurate to the pattern pieces.

The corrected instructions can be found in pdf format, at the individual links below:

TV490 Corrected instructions

TV494 Corrected instructions

TV495 Corrected instructions

TV496 Corrected instructions

TV498 Corrected instructions

These corrections have been made on all patterns being shipped out as of 8/9/2018



TV456 - 1856 Gathered Dress

Three of the pattern pieces are mislabeled. 

On sheet 1 of 2
The piece labeled as "D - Front - cut 2 on the fold" should be labeled as piece G - Lower Sleeve.   
The piece labeled as "D - Front - cut 2" should be labeled as D - Gathered Front. 

On sheet 2 of 2
The piece labeled as C - Back Lining  should be labeled as E - Gathered Back. 

These corrections will be made on future printings.



TV447 - 1860s Sheer Dress 


TV452 - 1860s Work Dresses

The waistband for both of these patterns was found to be 2" too short.  The same waistband is used for both patterns.  This error has been corrected in both patterns for future printings. 

A corrected pattern piece is available for free download from the pattern-detail pages, on the attachement tab below the photo and decription.  

The corrected pattern has the TV447 label printed on it, but it is the same for TV452.