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History of Victorian Clothing

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What are the patterns like?

Our patterns are full scale and hand drafted to fit the modern body, using historical principles and tecniques. They are not redrawn copies of orriginal patterns, nor are they modern ideas of what a historical garment looked like. All the seam lines and styles are historically accurate to each period. These pattern are for historical clothing (not costumes) and are perfect for reenactments and special events were authenticity is a desired.

The designs available are the basic shapes required to make period clothing, with the details of trimmings left off. The result is a garment that is sewable for the average person, actually fits the modern body, and that is easily adapted into a one-of-kind creation.

Each pattern is printed on white bond paper, with all the sizes included in each package. Skirts and overskirts come in 6-7 sizes, XS-XXL or 20-40" waist: bodices come in 13 sizes, A-J or 30-50" bust. We have abandoned standard modern sizing, as it doesn't seam to work well with historical clothing.

We give full instructions on how to fit and sew each garment, with some illustrations. However, we do assume basic sewing knowledge. For example, we say to "sew this seam..." or "Pleat or Gather..." and we assume that you would know how to do this without extreme detail.

Here is an example of the instrucions for a bodice pattern; please click on each page to see a readable size of that page:

Here is an example of the instructions for a skirt pattern; please click on each page to see a readable size of that page:

Victorian Clothing is mostly made up of separates; skirt, overskirt and bodice. This allows for a wide range of variety when you begin to mix and match the pieces. Many of our patterns can cross over into other time periods. For example, the Natural Form bodices can work very well for the 1890's, just change the sleeve to a more period appropriate (larger) sleeve. Or The Early and Late Bustle overskirts can swap easily as well.