A Year in Dresses

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A Year in Dresses

Postby totchipanda » Fri Dec 27, 2013 9:48 pm

After a fashion, at least... I just realized that after my panicked post about fitting the vest basque, I never shared pictures of the finished outfit! Or the other two outfits I made/wore this year.

(What I learned this summer: Start your garments more than a week before you leave for a con. Ugh, I made myself so sick panicking over not sewing, it was so not worth it. One of my goals this year is to be better prepared for events lol.)

Before I get started, Heather, thank you so much for all your help with fitting. I always seem to have a problem and I'm so grateful that you and the rest of this wonderful community are here to help. And thank you for making such wonderful patterns! I wish all historical patterns were as easy to fit and work with as yours. I pimped them out to anyone who asked me about my dresses at WorldCon and the steampunk ball I went to in November. I received many lovely compliments on how great I looked and it's all thanks to you ;)

More or less in chronological order of wearing...

A Striped Riding/Travelling Gown (Worn August 4/13; Finished end of July)

This one's a mix of the Riding Habit bodice and a modified 4-gore underskirt to be floor-length with no bustle. After last year's humidity debacle, I wanted something I could easily wear both in heat and cooler temperatures. I could easily "warm" this up with a different petticoat and accessories. Shown here, I wore it with modern undergarments, a tank-top a silk wrap skirt and sandals lol. I ended up taking it off very early in the trip because someone else helped me lace my corset and it was ALL wrong and I overheated very quickly. It's made of suiting-weight wool.

Big Valley, Alberta


The Timeless-inspired Gown (Worn August 31/13; Finished August 31/13)

Ahhh my crowning achievement this year! I was in a big push to finish this for WorldCon because I was hoping to show it to one Ms Gail Carriger, as it was based on a description in her novel, Timeless (an "ecru [dress] over a bronze skirt with brown velvet detailing."). I'd already had an underskirt made (4-gore again) before I even read the novel, but after finishing the vest basque bodice aside from buttons, I decided I needed MORE VOLUME!! And made an 1870s underskirt too. I left it unhemmed knowing that my mom would help me pin it up and I could hand-stitch it in San Antonio. This is the one I stressed out the most over. At least I looked amazing. I even won an award :) Made from poly faux-silk, real silk and cotton velveteen.

All San Antonio, Texas (Self-timed)




A Tangerine Dream (Worn September 1/13 and November 16/13; Finished December 28/12 and October)

Made this last year for a dance I ended up not going to. Took it to San Antonio because there was going to be a steampunk dance/ball-thing and even though I don't like steampunk, I had a ball gown to show off ;) The first wearing, I had the poufs in back pinned in place and I stabbed my legs many times with them. I fixed that once I got back to Canada. The second wearing, I again went to a steampunk ball more because I had a ball gown to show off (and ended up having a really great time with a really fantastic band). I was one of only three other orange gowns/outfits (that I saw), shown below. It was definitely hard to lose me in the crowd. It is the 1870s ballgown basque and Parisian Trained Skirt. The only part I would change is that I didn't correct the armhole when I shortened the chest and so the sleeves fall off my shoulders and wrinkle under the arm. Made from poly taffeta.

San Antonio, Texas

Edmonton, Alberta
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Re: A Year in Dresses

Postby Dallandra » Mon Feb 03, 2014 4:10 am

Ooooh I'm loving the tangerine color! I'm making the same skirt in purple & teal taffeta and I was wondering what you did to make the pleats in the front so tidy! Mine are saggy and I can't seem to lift them in a good way :(

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