We Are Penn State 1880 outfit-Undies

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We Are Penn State 1880 outfit-Undies

Postby angldst » Sun Oct 10, 2010 8:35 pm

Hi, everyone! I finally got around to starting sewing on my PSU 1880 ensemble, as I finally have a reason to finish it-we're going to watch Penn State play Indiana here in the DC area at Fedex Field on 20th November. I cut out most of this ensemble, and started the flatlining on the bodice & skirt pieces last fall (sept/oct 2009), but it went into a project box and got set aside for a while, due to other projects in the pipeline with more pressing deadlines.

the garments: Laughing Moon's Dore corset, made to D cup/22"waist, white coutil sides & interlining, penn state cotton cf, side front, & CB panels, penn state cotton lining.
TV Combinations underwear, white penn state cotton
TV Victorian Petticoat, natural form style, done in three different types of penn state cotton, since I didn't have enough of any single one to do the whole thing. Made it w/o tucks on the upper flounce, to save fabric.




I've still got a LOT to work on. I've got the 1890s blouse waist pattern cut out & awaiting me on my worktable. I'm doing a sleeveless version to act as a guimpe beneath the TV 428 Jacket bodice.

Other pieces to the outfit:
Natural Form Underskirt, TV 428 Jacket bodice, of navy wool tricotine suiting, flatlined with cotton broadcloth. Skirt will have a kilt-pleated hem ruffle, headed with a box pleated ruffle of the tricotine lined with navy & white plaid wool, the box pleats will be pickstitched together to show off the plaid fabric. I'm not sure what this is called, but i've seen this style of trim in extant examples of Victorian clothing. I'm using an adaptation of the late bustle asymetrical drape pattern as a built in overskirt, and it'll be done in the navy & white plaid. The jacket bodice will have contrast revers and cuffs of the plaid, and close down the front with small coppery buttons. The final piece is the 1890s cape, done in the tricotine lined with the wool, and the plain side will feature script embroidery (chain stitch with running stitch fill) that spells out 'We Are Penn State". I'll try to remember to post pix as I finish things. :)

Thanks for reading my costume blather! :)

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Re: We Are Penn State 1880 outfit-Undies

Postby Miss Cindy » Mon Oct 11, 2010 1:16 pm

How fun! I think it looks pretty! It is a shame that people are able to appreciate the undergarments, since they are under. :) Thank you for sharing your work!
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