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How to post pictures here and the gallery

Posted: Wed Jan 26, 2005 6:54 pm
by Heather
Truly Victorian can now host your pictures in our Public Galleries!!!

Want to post a picture but don't know how or where? Here is the place! Save the picture in our gallery, and then place the link here in the post to view it here.

Registration and approval is required before you can use the new galleries. The galleries can either be viewable by the public, viewable to registered users or just by you. You choose.

How to save pictures at the galleries:

1. Go to

2. Sign in, or register as a new user.

3. Check you email and authenticate your gallery.

4. After signing in, view your album by clicking the "your album" at the top of the page.

5. You can change who can view your album by changing the album permissions in the "edit permissions" function. You can let "everyone, " "registered users," or individual users view your album. Or you can keep the album private by removing all "view..." behaviors.

6. The Side Bar will provide helpful tools and actions. "Add items" will let you upload some photos.

7. Photo files must be smaller than 1000kb total, and less than 1024 pixels both height and width. This is significantly smaller than how they come out of the camera, and they will need editing prior to upload. Read below for more information.

8. Files must be in .jpg, .png, or .gif formats.

To make a picture smaller:

1. On your computer, open the picture in any photo editing program. For example, adobe photoshop, arcsoft photostudio, what ever you have.

2. View the image at "actual size." When the photo is first loaded, it is typically resized to "fit window" and is smaller than full size. This will let you know how much you need to shrink your picture to let it be seen easily.

3. Find the section of your program that will resize image, usually under the "edit" menu. Set the percentage of size you need, and the dpi to 100. If you selected the wrong percentage, hit "undo" and try again. I find that 25% is usually about right. Don't forget, you can crop your photo first, to highlight the important part, and then you'll need to shrink it less.

4. When you can easily see all of you photo without scrolling aound your screen, it should be a good size. I usually "sharpen" the image, to make it look crisp again, after the resizing.

5. Save your new image under a different file name so you don't loose your original image.

How do I put my picture in the post here:

If your picture is hosted at the Truly Victorian gallery:

1. View your picture in your gallery.

2. Under the picture you will see the pre-made links. Choose one of the BBcode style links, and copy and paste the selection into your post. No other code will be needed.

For other hosting sites:

1. You need to find the address of your picture. It must be hosted somewhere on the web. The easiest way to get the address is to view your picture at the online location. Right click on the picture and select Copy Image Location. You can also select "Properties" and copy the address from there.

2. In your post, paste the address of the picture.

3. Highlight the entire address by left clicking and dragging across the address.

4. Click on the "Img" button. You can find it at the top of the post editing box, just under the subject line. This should insert a [img]and[/img] around your picture address. example: [img]mypicture.jpg[/img]

5. Preview your post and see if your picture shows up. If you see it, so should everyone else.