Gaslamp Romance outfit

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Gaslamp Romance outfit

Postby Bookwyrm » Sun Jan 10, 2010 10:36 pm

My housemates are getting married in April on a dirigible, and they have logically decided to go with a steampunk theme for the wedding. While the ceremony itself will be quite small (only twelve seats on the airship), they'll keep the theme for the reception. Here's my planned outfit:


Heather's combinations, maybe taken in a touch in the legs
Corset in a lovely forget-me-not blue brushed cotton twill (Black with yellow flossing from pp70-3 Corsets, Jill Salen)

Double-breasted vest modified from undecided TV bodice pattern, in Renaissance Fabrics wine silk faille, with little mother-of-pearl buttons
Trousers several generations removed from a Burda pattern, in a wool twill woven with blue warp and brown weft
Shirt probably one I just bought from Macys, a lovely cream/goldenrod shot cotton, your typical men's shirt.
Cravat from Silk Baron's bronzed aqua taffeta - a shot silk taffeta, bronze one way and aqua the other.
Possibly a tailcoat, somewhat unclear what color or cut. Inclusion depends on funding and time. I like the one Beau Brummel is wearing here (, but I also really like the idea of a double-breasted one that cuts off just at the waist. I'm not sure that stands up in execution, though.

Footwear is still a little uncertain. The socks, if I go the route I sketched, will definitely not be white, but what color they might end up being is up in the air. I might also go with gaiters, or possibly with boots. The trousers will be cut a little slimmer and longer than I originally planned and drew. I have no idea what kind of hat I might end up with, though I am rather pleased with the short tophat or possibly a coachman that I threw in the sketch.

So far, I've begun work on the corset. The pattern was basically the right measurements in the waist and bust, but I added about five inches evenly to the hip (except in front). The above-waist length was increased by 1.5" and the bottom was raised. I've been waffling on how much to bring it up - I originally took it up a whole lot and it looks really, really short. Now I'm putting back on an inch, and we'll see how that goes. I think that'll be closer, and if it fits ok other than the length then I can just trim the bottom to length, rather than redraft and start from scratch. I've now got all pattern pieces up to scale and will cut them as soon as I figure out what seam allowance I want. I mean to do lapped seams and just slip the bones in. At the front and back, where there are off-seam bones, I'll double up the fabric. That's basically necessary anyway for the busk at the front, but it'll also be more support for the lacing in back. I don't have an eyelet setter, so I'll probably just do handworked eyelets.

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