The start of my outfit (drawers & corset test!)

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The start of my outfit (drawers & corset test!)

Postby SadieCass » Wed Jan 06, 2010 3:02 pm

(Won't let me show pictures, so just links today.)

Well, I started to make my outfit and it's been a lot of fun and frustration!! I had some muslin on hand and went ahead and got started on it over Christmas break! Because I'm making an outfit that I had in mind for the main character of my novel I've been writing...I wanted to be particular about w/o further ado...I'm using LM100 for my underthings:

1. Full shot of the finished product hanging on my duct tape dress form: ... s.jpg.html

2.Edging on chemise top. I added the ribbon and embroidered the detail before adding the flower detail approximately where the hook & eye are. ... g.jpg.html

3. Bottom of drawers (the bottom of the chemise has the same detail.) On all the tucks I did decorative stitching and then added the ribbon to the lace and the flowers at certain points, outside of each leg and lower right front of chemise. ... l.jpg.html

4. I ran a test on sizing for the corset. Turns out I fit one of the pattern sizes perfectly without adjustment! It looks a little funky on the dress form because...well, it's a stuffed duct tape dress form and is starting to settle. (I'm making another one later that will be stuffed much more securely). ... t.jpg.html

5. Last but not least is my concept drawing for the final piece. I suck at drawing so it's not the best....but here it is anyway :D It's a dress my char is using to travel on a train for a long time so it's simple and will be in the more late-bustle style though designed for early bustle. ... e.jpg.html
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Postby Lydia » Thu Jan 07, 2010 2:44 am

wow, you did a wonderfull job!!!
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