My new purple striped natural form

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Postby diana » Sat Aug 28, 2004 8:04 pm

I used the natural form cuirass bodice and the tie back underskirt. I'm going to do a mockup of 324 and 303 and see what happens. I wanted to be able to line the back "tails" of 303 with the contrast color so that it would cascade down the back alternating print and contrast. Seems like that would look neat which is why I'm having trouble with this. I couldn't get that look with 324 alone.

Thanks for your input, Josie and Elizabeth! I love the back of 328 but I can't wear split front skirts (and it would probably be too hard for a novice to use another front with that one)! Split skirts make my tummy look like it's sticking out. Need to hide that tummy, you know, with overskirts! :lol:

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