Calling all Central and Southern Florida costumers!

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Calling all Central and Southern Florida costumers!

Postby Erin » Sat Feb 16, 2013 7:30 pm

Hi all! I'd like to invite everyone who's within a reasonable drive to Orlando to join the Central Florida Costumer's Guild's Project Victorian. Over the course of the next nine months, we will be conducting monthly workshops on constructing a Victorian outfit from the skin out. My friend Audrey and I (look us up here on the TV boards as Audball and Erin ;-) ) will be primarily leading the sessions, assisting everyone with fit, design, and fabric choices appropriate to both the garments and the weather here in Florida. We'll discuss everything from fibers and garment care to trims, accessories, and hairstyling. Come for help with a single garment or a whole outfit. This isn't just for costumers who desire authentic Victorian garments - we also welcome those who are interested in fantasy or Steampunk! The final design is yours to choose, and we'll help you get there. Come check out the CFCG group on Facebook - there's a link to the Project Victorian timeline, if you like what you see, request to join the private PV group and come sew with us!

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