Buttons and boots

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Buttons and boots

Postby Heather » Thu Nov 12, 2009 10:09 am

I found a brief description of buttons.

Petersons Magazine, November 1864, page 386. In the Fashions for November.

Buttons of mother-of-pearl of enourmous size, frequently square, are beginning to be worn. We must also notice a new series of buttons which are very highly appreciated for wiastcoat bodies and fancy vests. These buttons are encrusted with steel, jet, and other beads. They can be had of all sizes, so that the waistcoat, waistband, and sleeves may be in harmony with the dress or the outer garment, by having similar buttons of a smaller size. ..... Straw buttons and grelots are also much in vogue.

Later in the article:

Boots and shoes, with very high heels, are still worn, but shoes are much more popular for evening wear. Bronze boots and shoes are very fashionable. Steel and gilt buckles on bows of velvet or ribbon are indispensable.

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