Fabric for the split skirt?

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Fabric for the split skirt?

Postby SarahMiller42 » Mon Dec 31, 2012 10:31 pm

So I'm eyeing the 1901 Split Skirt TV 299 to make a riding habit for several upcoming Rose City Steampnk Carousel rides. (I did manage in the Grand bustle even with the hoop to ride astride last time but it was tricky.) So I was wondering what kind of fabric would be used or are suitable for making it. I gather that wool would be traditional. I'm not unopposed to non traditional fabric since it is mostly for Steampunk activities but if I could keep it close to acurrate so I could wear it for the Historical Society activities as well that would be good. I don't want it to be too heavy or hot so that wool would not be my first choice. I'm inclined to go with a linen but I'm unsure if it would drape right.
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Re: Fabric for the split skirt?

Postby Heather » Tue Jan 01, 2013 12:04 pm

Yes, they used linen for summer riding habit, so that would be be fine. For an alternative, you can also use a cotton twill or light canvas. Or something similar.

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