TV125 - How many of these did they wear at a time?

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TV125 - How many of these did they wear at a time?

Postby kbtorre » Mon Jan 19, 2015 5:28 pm

I'm starting up a natural form outfit and I'm looking that that netting part that fits between the inner and outer back. Did they wear multiple of these kinds of petticoats? Or did they wear just one and then just a non poofed one over top?

Out of curiosity, did they actually use netting or something itchy like horse hair? Not that I don't find netting itchy, I do, hopefully, it being between layers will help.


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Re: TV125 - How many of these did they wear at a time?

Postby Heather » Mon Jan 19, 2015 6:38 pm

They would have used a horsehair type of petticoat instead, or even a tiny wire hoop skirt. I based this pattern off of an illustration for a petticoat, but I don't know what was inside it. It may have just been ruffles. But the netting works well, and is similar to a horsehair. Usually the horsehair is a garment by itself, rather than a built in support layer of a petticoat, and it would be worn over a short petticoat and under a top petticoat. Same for the tiny hoops of this period.

You shouldn't have anything scratchy, as the netting is encased. You would only wear 1 petticoat of this type, with maybe a second plain petticoat over it. The natural form era was (in)famous for wearing only 1 petticoat. Quite the scandal. I usually wear mine by itself.

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