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I finally had confirmation the new shopping cart is just not compatable with my existing host provider.  (Network Solutions, in case anyone want to know who to avoid.)  So I went ahead and got  a new website at a new host, and moved the new cart to it.  And Yay!!   It works!!  I made a couple more modifications to the layout, but it is all up and running great, is secure, and life is now great.

On to the next project... the Edwardian Corset.


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Well, I haven't heard a word about my host being able to fix the new shopping cart.   So, I have linked back in the old shopping pages, which still work OK.   It will do until I get a new cart up and running.

I have my eye set on a CS Cart, and it looks pretty interesting.  It's getting lots of good reviews, very few bad ones.  So I will set to work on a version of that, and hope it goes better than the last cart.   Keeping my fingers crossed!!  With any luck, a couple of weeks from now will see a new shopping page.


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I know a lot of people are experiencing problems with the new shopping cart.   After numerous calls to the host server, and money spent, and still the problem is not resolved, I am almost  ready to chuck in the towel.  I have a ticket in with them, and they promised to resolve the issue within 24 hrs.  That is if they can find the problem.  On some browsers, like Firefox, simply reloading the page seems to bypass the error, and all is fine once you get past that bump.   But if you have IE, the problem seems to be permanent and you can not proceed.  (It seems to be the transition from the standard web pages to the secure ones that bogs down.  Once you are at the secure pages, everything functions properly.)

In the mean time, anyone experiencing difficulties can shop on the old pages at

If the host provider is unable to resolve the issue, then I will have to look for a new host, or a new shopping cart.  Right now, I might happily change both!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all will be well soon.



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For the last year or so, the Truly Victorian shopping cart has been plagued with random errors and gremlin glitches.  The occurance of these problem has begun to increase.   In addition to being very annoying, it is starting to effect the quality of service for our customers.   The only solution is to get a new shopping system.

I love the old shopping layout, and have never liked database driven shopping carts.  But apprently, the database version are the only ones available these days.  So I have made the plunge and set up a new shopping cart at the TV website.

It works a little slower than I would like, but it has many features that were not available in the previous cart system.  And best of all, hopefully and end to losts order, and confusing payment  issues.

Take a look and tell me what you think!


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I have made steady progress on redrawing and updating the Truly Victorian patterns to the new CAD format.   The new versions are available now through the TV website, and should be filtering out to other retailers as they restock.

To date, the CAD Format patterns, without sizing changes are:

TV101, TV103, TV108, TV240, TV241, TV244,  and TV550.

The patterns that have been updated with new sizing up to 3X:

TV170, TV201, TV202, TV221, TV261-R, TV292, TV296, TV298, TV301, TV324, TV361, TV381-R, TV445, TV446, TV492, and TV495.

I am trying to redraft a pattern a week or so, as time permits.  So far, I am very excited about the results.   And as always, let me know what you think if you get a chance to use the updated patterns.

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