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If you saw some pretty summer sheer dresses at your reenactments this summer, and now you want one for yourself for next year, we have the pattern for you!  Light and airy, with a half-high lining, it will keep you cool and comfortable on the hot days in the field.

TV447 - 1863 Sheer Bodice

You can find this pattern available now, or get more information,  at the


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I guess I forgot to list my latest pattern for our Edwardian line!

This is the 1903 Plain Blouse - TVE41.  It has the pouch front, center closure, and the sleeve full at the wrist;  all popular features of the Early Edwardian styles. It is a perfect match for with the 1903 Trumpet Skirt - TVE21

You can find more details at the Edwardian section of the Truly Victorian catalog!


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Truly Victorian only does one show a year anymore, and that show is Costume College.  And having just come back from a fantatic weekend, I just want to say Thank You!! to all the wonderful people who were there.

I can't tell you how huge a treat is it to see so many wonderfull outfits, so many happy faces, and be around so much enthusiasm and good will.  You all have rejuvenated my  own enthusiasm and energy, and I have come away with so much I would like to accomplish in the next year.

I had a super wonderful weekend, and I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did.  See you all next year!!


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Two Edwardian skirt have joined the Corset in our new Edwardian line of patterns.


The first is a 1903 Trumpet Skirt, a seven gore skirt with a flared hem.  The second is a 1905 Circular Skirt.


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Truly Victorian is branching out into a new era, the Edwardian Era of 1901 - 1909.  Already available is our new Edwardian Corset pattern - TVE01.

Coming in the next week or two will be 2 skirt patterns; one a 1903 Trumpet Skirt and a 1905 Circular Skirt.  Later this month we will be adding a 1903 Blouse Pattern.  Maybe 2, if time permits.  We also have plans for a corset cover/circular drawers pattern, and a belt pattern. 

We will be getting out as many as we can before Costume College, at the end of July.   I am already planning several other skirt styles, but have to get to the others first.

I am so in love with Edwardian styles right now!

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