• Flat Lining with a Serger

    I have a friend who recently purchased a serger.  She wasn't really sure what to do with it.  So Tonya, this one is for you! Flat lining with a serger, the comprehensive photo guide, step by step. 1- Of course the very first step is to cut out your… more »
  • Managing the Legth Measurements

    Most length measurements start somewhere but usually end at the waistline.  Which means that knowing exactly where your waistline is, is absolutely critical.    Before you start, take a ribbon or string and tie it around your waist, at the narrowest… more »
  • Taking the Back Width Measure

    The Back Width measure is the second-most important measurement with Truly Victorian patterns. It is a rather hard measure to take, more guessed at than decidedly placed.   But once you get an idea of where to measure to and from, it really isn't that… more »
  • Taklng the Bust Measure

    Ok, so you have decided to start a new sewing project. You have chosen your patterns, and are looking at them trying to figure out where/how to begin. Yay! Congratulations, for getting past the wishful thinking/design stage! The very first thing you… more »
  • Measuring for Sleeves

    There are two measurements that are used for fitting a sleeve;  circumference of the armhole, and the length of the arm. As many people are built a little differently from left side to right side, I highly recommend that you measure both sides. These… more »