• What is a Burnous pleat

    I have been busy creating new patterns for the late 1880's, and the one thing that stands out as unique about this time period is the Burnous Pleat. Just about every skirt from 1887 - 1888 has some kind of drape created by this form of pleat. Something… more »
  • The quirks of TVE21 - 1903 Trumpet Skirt

    I would like to talk about a couple issues that have popped up with the 1903 Trumpet Skirt - TVE21 skirt pattern.    One which is entirely my fault, and the other is one which I have seen pop up a few times when alterations to this pattern go wrong.… more »
  • Making a Chemisette with Lace Insertions

    [image:56] I was looking through my copy of the 1863 La Mode Illustre, when I ran across this beautiful chemisette.  It is made with a lace and insertion section at the neckline which would fill in a half-high neckline.  I do not read French, so I am… more »
  • The Battenberg "Table Cloth" Blouse

    The one thing I really love about the 1903 Edwardian Blouse pattern is that the originals were so often make out of battenburg lace.  I am not able to make my own lace, so I went on a search for some battenberg yardage.  I found bits and pieces, but… more »
  • Creating a Layered Vest

    Lately, I have gotten a lot of interest in this particular bodice.   So I have decided to start off my Sewing Tips series with details and images of how achieve this fairly easy effect from any basic vest pattern.  This bodice specifically was made from… more »