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Pattern LM100 - Victorian Underwear First, let me say that this pattern is the best corset pattern available today. I love this pattern and can fit any size and shape with relative ease. There is not other corset pattern that offers the fabulous fit an… more »


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  Hello, I’m Sandra Maxwell, and I will be contributing to Heather’s blog on a regular basis.  As the title implies, I will be sharing “this and that” on sewing, history, helpful insights and whatever may seem relevant at the time.  I have been an hist… more »


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I have been busy creating new patterns for the late 1880's, and the one thing that stands out as unique about this style is the Burnous Pleat.  Just about every skirt from 1887 - 1888 has some form of drape created by this form of pleat.   Something els… more »


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I have a friend who recently purchased a serger.  She wasn't really sure what to do with it.  So Tonya, this one is for you! Flat lining with a serger, the comprehensive photo guide, step by step. 1.  Of course the very first stwp is to cut out your… more »


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Lately, I have gotten a lot of interest in this particular bodice.   So I have decided to start off my Sewing Tips series with details and images of how acheive this fairly easy effect from any basic vest pattern.  This bodice specifically was made from… more »