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  12:16:00 pm, by Heather   , 227 words  
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Over the last year or so, I have noticed the Truly Victorian Message Board getting slower and slower, and the outages increasing in frequency. So I finally jumped ship and moved the bulletin board to the new server. It went much more smoothly than I expected. (The last time I tried to move it, it was a week long exercise in frustration and failure. Thank you, programmer people, for creating scripts to make the move so much easier, i.e. Big Dump.)

The Truly Victorian Message Center can now be accessed at

Though today some weird issues popped up with the site being unaccessible, I was able to sort it all out. The only reason I can come up with for the issues this morning, was that I maybe left open my ftp client on my screen, and the dogs or cat stepped on my keyboard and wreaked havoc with the servers? All I know is everything was fine last night when I left it.

I currently still have half my website on the old server, .com, and the other half on the new server, .net. But with only the gallery to move now, and some other easy files, I might just get the whole site moved, and finally get away from the horrible server. I will be retaining both the and in the future.



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Truly Victorian has always been proud of being a small local company, that uses local services and products to produce our patterns.  The one downside, is that we are then limited by local availability.  Recently, our provider of paper for the cover sheets of our patterns, Kelly Paper, has cut back on paper types and styles.    Specifically, the legal-sized, colored, cardstock sheets we've been using are no longer available.

Which left us with a dilemma.  We could keep the color, but go down to a letter sized sheet.  Or we could go with keeping the legal sheets, and loose the color, going with a white sheet for all the patterns.  After much debate, and redesign, we have come up with a compromise, which I like even better than what we have now.  I wish we had come up with this earlier!

We are going with white sheets and new colored print.  Here is a sample of how it will look.  The patterns will still be color-coded by time period, so you can easily find patterns that can be mix-and-matched for complete outfit.  But the overall look of the patterns will be more consistent, for a cohesive, professional look.  We will be gradually easing in the redesign, as we exhaust our existing supplies and stock on hand.  I hope you all like the new look as much as we do!


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Truly Victorian only does one show a year anymore, and that show is Costume College.  And having just come back from a fantatic weekend, I just want to say Thank You!! to all the wonderful people who were there.

I can't tell you how huge a treat is it to see so many wonderfull outfits, so many happy faces, and be around so much enthusiasm and good will.  You all have rejuvenated my  own enthusiasm and energy, and I have come away with so much I would like to accomplish in the next year.

I had a super wonderful weekend, and I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did.  See you all next year!!


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I finally had confirmation the new shopping cart is just not compatable with my existing host provider.  (Network Solutions, in case anyone want to know who to avoid.)  So I went ahead and got  a new website at a new host, and moved the new cart to it.  And Yay!!   It works!!  I made a couple more modifications to the layout, but it is all up and running great, is secure, and life is now great.

On to the next project... the Edwardian Corset.


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Well, I haven't heard a word about my host being able to fix the new shopping cart.   So, I have linked back in the old shopping pages, which still work OK.   It will do until I get a new cart up and running.

I have my eye set on a CS Cart, and it looks pretty interesting.  It's getting lots of good reviews, very few bad ones.  So I will set to work on a version of that, and hope it goes better than the last cart.   Keeping my fingers crossed!!  With any luck, a couple of weeks from now will see a new shopping page.

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