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I'm getting married! To my soul mate, finally, after failing to figure it out about 30 years ago. But better late than never. And so now I need a wedding dress. I love things Victorian, and with the last name of McNaughton, Scotland and clan history is…

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Not only am I soooooo excited for you to be marrying your soulmate, I am beyond excited to watch your dress come together. I know it's going to be as spectacular as you are.

Published by Hannah K. Gelt [Visitor] on June 27th, 2018

Ok, so you have decided to start a new sewing project. You have chosen your patterns, and are looking at them trying to figure out where/how to begin. Yay! Congratulations, for getting past the wishful thinking/design stage! The very first thing you…

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The Back Width measure is the second-most important measurement with Truly Victorian patterns. It is a rather hard measure to take, more guessed at than decidedly placed.   But once you get an idea of where to measure to and from, it really isn't that…

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[image:56] I was looking through my copy of the 1863 La Mode Illustre, when I ran across this beautiful chemisette.  It is made with a lace and insertion section at the neckline which would fill in a half-high neckline.  I do not read French, so I am…

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I have a friend who recently purchased a serger.  She wasn't really sure what to do with it.  So Tonya, this one is for you! Flat lining with a serger, the comprehensive photo guide, step by step. 1- Of course the very first step is to cut out your…

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