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New pattern - 1861 Raphael Evening Dress - TV453


New pattern - 1861 Raphael Evening Dress - TV453

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Truly Victorian has a new pattern - TV453 - 1861 Raphael Evening Dress.

The Raphael bodice is essentially a dinner or evening bodice with a square neckline. It was featured in 2 different fashion plates from Peterson's Magazine. The first was the November 1860 issue, and the second was in the February 1861 issue. This bodice has the moderate low square neckline, typical of a dinner or evening dress of the period. The short sleeve has a puffed under sleeve, with an over sleeve. The center back laces closed. The waist can be either pointed front and back, or round. Also included is a pattern for the skirt, with 7 fabric ruffles and 6 lace ruffles, and a center back closure. The skirt has it's own waistband, which can be left separate from the bodice or attached the bodice. Fits over TV141 or TV142 hoop cages.

You can find more information at www.trulyvictorian.net

This is the same dress I've been making for the dress diary!

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