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Truly Victorian has gone Edwardian


Truly Victorian has gone Edwardian

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Truly Victorian is branching out into a new era, the Edwardian Era of 1901 - 1909.  Already available is our new Edwardian Corset pattern - TVE01.

Coming in the next week or two will be 2 skirt patterns; one a 1903 Trumpet Skirt and a 1905 Circular Skirt.  Later this month we will be adding a 1903 Blouse Pattern.  Maybe 2, if time permits.  We also have plans for a corset cover/circular drawers pattern, and a belt pattern. 

We will be getting out as many as we can before Costume College, at the end of July.   I am already planning several other skirt styles, but have to get to the others first.

I am so in love with Edwardian styles right now!

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