• Wedding Dress - Episode 3

    Here we are, two months till show time. Yeah, starting to panic a bit. But the dress is coming along nicely. Still have plenty of time. I need to step back a bit from my Halloween Haunted House this year, and let others to most of the work, so I can… more »
  • Wedding Dress - Episode2

    This was a good week for sewing, and I got quite a bit done. This year at Costume College, there was a vendor selling nice ribbon for cheep. My sister purchased 6 rolls for me, in light blue. It wasn't close enough to the right color for on top of the… more »
  • Wedding Dress - Episode 1 - It has begun....

    WOW! August just flew past! This past weekend, I finally got an actual start on my dress. Still needed lining fabrics, so I went to JoAnn and picked up some. I usually use whatever works best from the Quilting Solids section, with 100% cotton and medium… more »
  • Working with LM100 Laughing Moon Corset

    First, let me say that this pattern is one of the best corset pattern available today. I love this pattern and can fit any size and shape with relative ease. However, is does have a few quirks and can require a few tweaks to get the most benefit out of… more »
  • Prelude, a glimps of things to come.

    I'm getting married! To my soul mate, finally, after failing to figure it out about 30 years ago. But better late than never. And so now I need a wedding dress. I love things Victorian, and with the last name of McNaughton, Scotland and clan history is… more »